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fic; opposites attract

Title: Opposites attract
Pairing: Jun/Toma
Rating: g
Summary: There are quite a few things Jun likes to do in his free time. Watching Ikuta Toma get drunk just isn't one of them.
Author's Note: 2414 words. Kind of crack-ish. Written as a very belated birthday present for the lovely, lovely shepherd_blaine who also helped me beta this thing. Thank you so much~!

Part One

There were an awful lot of things that irritated him about the man currently sitting across from him.

His mostly too cheerful nature, the carefree, almost thoughtless attitude, the mess he left in his wake where-ever he went, the flip-flops, the way he'd destroyed his video game and NOT told him about it, or apologized, for that matter. The list went on and on.

But right now, all of these were nothing compared to the problem at hand, he thought, sneaking another look at his watch.

5 o'clock, it told him.

In the morning.

And his head hurt. Not that he had drunk that much in the last few hours, but a day with a tight schedule - filming for his latest drama, photoshoots and other appointments - had kept him busy. So when filming had finally wrapped up, the last pictures were taken and everything else had been seen to, he had entertained the thought of a short visit to a bar to drink and relax for a while. To maybe even grab a bite to eat, before returning home. Preferrably before 23:00.

And all of that would have worked out just fine, if he hadn't run into him of all people.

'5 o'clock in the morning,' his mind reminded him and he had the urge to hit his head on the wooden table he was currently sitting at. He resisted and instead opted for the next best thing that came to mind, resting his head on his folded arms and contemplated going to sleep right were he was. Consequences be damned. What was left of his pride, however, prevented him from doing just that; because not a day would pass before everyone started to speculate about how he had been out-drunk by his kouhai.

And this he could not let happen. Not as the world-famous Matsumoto Jun, king and DoS of Arashi. Not when he was worshiped by the fans and - not so much - by his co-workers. Not as one of the greatest idols of Johnny & Associates.

Especially not when he hasn't even been drinking.

Closing his eyes in frustration for a moment, he once again cursed his bad luck.

Across from him, Ikuta Toma helped himself to yet another drink - which Jun had payed for - being generally blissfully oblivious to the steadily dropping mood of his host. Gulping down his beer with a few deep swallows and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, the younger man let out a contented sigh, seemingly happy with himself and the world around him. MatsuJun could only grind his teeth in irritation.

'Why couldn't that guy be like the hundreds of thousands of other normal people?' Jun thought a tad despairingly, when another 15 minutes passed and yet more alcohol was consumed. 'But no, Toma of all people had to be the one who got even more cheerful and hyper-active when drinking.' Which generally translated into not going to sleep.

That, in and on itself wouldn't have been too bad, if the two of them would at least have been able to engage in a decent conversation. Instead of that, Jun found himself being ignored by the younger man for the better part of the evening. Or morning, for that matter. The weird silence that hung between them seemed unlikely to dissipate any time soon, either, Jun started to realize. This, at least, was a bit worrisome, considering that Toma normally was a very wordy kind of person.

Staring at the other man, Jun found himself frowning. Toma didn't seem particularly bothered, nor did he look sad or tired. In fact, he looked just like his usual cheery, good-natured self. Just not with Jun, it seemed. Or maybe he just wasn't looking close enough? Eyes locked on the younger man as he waved for another round of drinks, Jun found himself scrutinizing the younger one's face for any sort of lead as to what might trouble him. Mesmerized, he watched the other's wild, unruly mob of hair, the way the light was reflected in his dark eyes, how taut skin stretched over lithe muscles. The way his lips moved while forming vowels and words when talking.

Jun wouldn't go as far as calling the other handsome, but there was definitely something cute about him.

'Wait...what?' his mind interrupted when it returned from where-ever it had disappeared to. Toma was annoying, cheeky and ignoring him ... not whatever it was he had been thinking, Jun berated himself, horrified. Fortunately enough, he managed to blame it all on the lack of sleep - which in turn had been caused by Toma. Because surely his mind wouldn't have been able to come up with something like that otherwise. It was only his mind playing tricks on him - and maybe he drank more than he thought he did - he tried to convince himself.

Cautiously sneaking another glance through his bangs, Jun found the man sitting across from him to still be Toma. His best friend Toma. Best male friend Toma, his mind chanted for additional recognition value. But then Jun's eyes found themselves glued to a rest of foam stuck on the corner of Toma's lips. And it was in this moment that Jun had the urge to lean across the table and wipe it off - one simple gesture of closing the distance between them and brushing his fingers over the others face.

He scowled at it instead.

Checking his watch, again, Jun finally decided that he had enough.
Having announced just that to a startled Toma and everyone else who happened to be in close vicinity, he slammed down a few thousand Yen-bills and bodily dragged his friend out of the bar. Deaf to the other's complaints of having missed out on his last drink, Jun spun the younger one around, their faces now inches apart. He refused to be swayed by the puppy-eyed look Toma send in his direction, a weapon that almost never failed to do the trick of completely stripping Jun of his anger. Almost being the key-word, because this time, he told himself firmly, his friend wouldn't be able to weasel his way out of it.

Proceeding with his plan of staying firm with Toma without attracting the attention of the by-passers he willed himself not to yell at the younger man. Using the last bit of his self restraint he told Toma in no certain terms that he was going home and didn't wish to be bothered again before storming off.

He hadn't even managed two steps in the direction of his apartment, however, when he caught a movement out of the corners of his eyes. He turned just in time to be confronted with an arm-full of Toma as the other man stumbled forward drunkenly. Balance lost as soon as Jun had let go off his shoulder, Toma was now heavily leaning onto Jun, silly laugh warm against his neck, making the older man acutely aware of every point of contact between their bodies.

Forcing himself to take a deep breath and relax, Jun decided he had to get rid of one Ikuta Toma before the younger man managed to do something to enrage him even more, like throwing up on him or something. Heaving a sigh, the hundredth one this evening as it seemed, Jun ended up changing his earlier plan of going home into something along the lines of getting Toma home. Pulling one of the man's arms over his shoulder, his other going around Toma's back to steady him, they set out on their way.
And Jun started wondering why he even bothered sometimes.

In the end they managed to get as far as the younger man's apartment complex before Toma stopped cooperating altogether.


Part Two

There was, Toma decided, something wholeheartly unsettling about an angry MatsuJun.
Like in the 'better-start-running-for-your-life' kind of unsettling. Not that he hadn't seen this coming, in one way or another, but he had been a little too engrossed in his drinks to notice the all too familiar tell-tale signs. The frown deepening on Jun's face; eyes glistening dangerously and brows knitted together - an unpleasant but clear indicator not to mess with the other right now.

The flash of insight came a little too late to do him any good, though, because he suddenly found himself coming face to face with a towering - though, not actually taller than Toma himself - MatsuJun, who was sending him a murderous look.

Toma swallowed hard and suddenly regretted coincidentally running into the other man - as coincidental as staying late, waiting and hoping the other would have to stop by the Jimusho, could get anyway. Because no, he definitly hadn't been eager to see the other man. Because he really hadn't...probably.

'Dear Gods, what have I been thinking, getting myself into this mess' Toma wondered before his eyes came to rest on the other's still angry face. And he hunched his own shoulders defensively as the older man glowered at him. Normally a sign inflicting terror and fear in who-ever it was directed at, Toma suddenly found the way Jun's perfectly plucked eyebrows arched together to be somewhat funny. In the a-little-tipsy kind of way. As if Jun was trying really hard to solve an unsolvable math problem. Or having to choose between two kinds of Ice-cream when he could only have one. Pondering this, Toma momentarily lapsed into silence, MatsuJun once again forgotten.
The eyebrow rose further. Toma giggled.

"You!" Jun bellowed in outrage, "Are completely shit-faced!"

Toma blinked at him, turned the statement over in his mind for the fraction of a second, then nodded enthusiastically. Jun's frown only deepened, and muttering something about drinking away his money under his breath, he barely restrained himself from physically harming Toma.

Which, given his intoxicated state, Toma didn't notice ... at all. Instead he shrugged off the older man's steadying hands and took a few steps in the direction of the apartment complex, confident now that his home was within reach. Wobbling unsteadily for a few precarious seconds, he let himself lean back against the building's outer wall, facing Jun once again with another laugh falling from his lips.

"You know, you look really not-pretty when you do that," Toma told him, indicating the scowl still firmly etched onto Jun's face. Struggling to maintain his serious expression he couldn't prevent himself from erupting into yet more fits of uncontrolled giggling. Only belatedly noticing the other man's visible displeasure, he hurriedly continued. "Which doesn't mean you're not pretty in general, because...in fact, you are. Really pretty, I mean. Well, at least when you don't have a perm and try to look intimidating." And here, amidst of a drunken man's ramblings he suddenly realized a few very crucial facts.

One, he was really, really drunk.
Because, two, he otherwise definitly wouldn't have said that. 'Pretty? What the hell?'
Three, it was a little too quiet on the other man's side.

Which led to four... and meant he was seriously screwed. Though not as literally as he would have liked to be. And when did that thought manage to sneak itself into his mind anyway?

'Not good,' his mind complied, while frantically trying to figure out how to make it out of this. Preferabley alive and breathing. His hands already fingering for his keys, he calculated that he might be able to unlock the main door, slip inside and throw the door shut again before Jun could make it across the 10 meter gap currently seperating them. Of course only if Toma didn't manage to do something spectacular, like tripping over his own two feet or getting sick halfway.

Casting another glance at Jun, Toma found the other man suddenly much closer than before, one hand planting itself firmly on the wall next to him, effectively cutting off all routes of escape. And that definitly wasn't a good sign.

This action made Toma swallow audibly and he grinned sheepishly up at the older man. A habit that, combined with his charm, had managed to get him out of tight situations more often than he cared to remember. And hopefully would still do so for many more to come, should he ever choose to go through with his plan. Now that he had the advantage of liquid courage and all that. Besides, the situation couldn't get any worse to begin with.

In the end the decision was taken out of his hands as he found Jun looming over him. Entranced he leaned in and kissed Jun. Barely more than a touch of lips on lips before Toma was pulling back, ducking out under the other man's hold and crossing the almost-nothing distance to the front door in the moment it took Jun to react. He managed to unlock the door and slip inside, his heart still beating a mile a minute as he realized that he has just shut the door in front of MatsuJun's very perplexed face.

A laugh that was half euphoria and half panic escaped him as he leaned back against the door. Listening almost detachedly as someone at the other side kept knocking, he made out words garbled together by the walls between them. Then there was more knocking. Clear and distinct at first, growing more frantic with every blow of fists on wood. It left Toma wondering if Jun was angry enough to kick in the door or do something else equally flashy to execute his revenge.

If bad came to worse, Toma figured he could still pull the being drunk excuse.

And Jun hasn't run away yet.

It was his cellphone ringing that stopped Toma from more pondering on the matter. Fishing the device out of his pocket, he found he had a new message. More than likely from Jun, Toma thought with a quiet sigh because he wasn't sure he wanted to know what it read. If there would simply be bloody murder screamed at him - indirectly - or if he had just done something much worse, like blowing their friendship on a drunken kiss.

On the other side of the door there was an almost expectant silence and it made Toma hold his breath too. Then he pulled his phone out of his pocket, flipping it open with a careful hesitance that wasn't really like him, and opened the text.

Only to almost drop the mobile a mere moment later.

I'm tired and I'm going home in this very instant.
You can call me when you're less drunk, and only then!

PS: Next time, do it properly!


Tags: #oneshot, genre: crack, genre: romance, p: matsumoto jun/ikuta toma, r: g
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